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The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO)

The Invisible Orthodontist is a global network of Specialist Orthodontists that excel in discreet treatment methods. Its members are more experienced in Invisalign® treatment than any other group of practitioners.

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Why choose TIO practitioners?

The results you expect to achieve with Invisalign® treatment highly depend on your Specialist Orthodontist’s experience. The use of Invisalign® clear aligners requires a thorough understanding of teeth movement and how the appliance works.

When you choose a practice that is a TIO member, you know you are working with a top Invisalign® provider.

*Invisalign® aligners are a registered medical device you should always read and follow the label as well as the instructions of your treating orthodontist.

 Why choose TIO practitioners?

Harris Orthodontics is a proud TIO member

The Invisible Orthodontist group has Dr Debora Harris on its roster of specialised members. Our patients enjoy the benefits of her professional understanding of the nuances of Invisalign® treatment that will put you well on your way to a healthier smile.

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 Harris Orthodontics is a proud TIO member
Harris Orthodontics

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