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Treatment for adults

Orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular among adults. No matter how long you’ve been waiting to achieve a straighter smile, it’s never too late to give orthodontic treatment a try.

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Treatments that fit your lifestyle

There have been many advances in the orthodontic industry, and today’s treatment options are the most innovative smile solutions yet. Our adult treatments at Harris Orthodontics include:

Metal braces: The newly improved metal braces are smaller, more convenient and more efficient than ever.

SureSmile® braces: Using precision robotics, SureSmile® braces accurately control tooth movement while minimising treatment time.

Clear braces: Clear braces let you smile with ease, thanks to their clear ceramic brackets.

Lingual braces: For a well-hidden treatment choice, lingual braces are safely fitted on the back of your teeth.

Invisalign® clear aligners: For the ultimate discretion, try our virtually invisible and removable Invisalign® treatment.

 Treatments that fit your lifestyle

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Even though age is not an obstacle when it comes to treatment, the health of your smile is. It’s important to check the current condition of your teeth and gums with your general dentist before we begin orthodontic treatment.

Once you’re sure your smile is tip-top shape, then your next step is to book a consultation at Harris Orthodontics to see how we can enhance those pearly whites.




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