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Treatment for children and teens

At Harris Orthodontics, we want every member of the family to have a beaming, healthy smile. It’s the reason we offer smile treatments for children and teens—we want them to enjoy the perks of having straighter teeth for life.

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Early prevention

Consider early intervention for your child. We recommend children around the age of 7-8 years old come in for an orthodontic consultation at Harris Orthodontics. When it comes to orthodontic issues, it is best to address them early on - so we can get ahead of them!

Two-Phase Treatment can often help reduce the length and cost of orthodontic treatment later in your child’s life.




 Early prevention

Phase-One treatment

Phase-One of treatment is focused on correcting jaw issues that may arise during growth. It also helps to provide enough room for permanent teeth to grow in. We might use Invisalign® First clear aligners or fixed or removable plates during this phase of treatment.

Phase-Two treatment

Phase-Two aims to ensure that the teeth are properly aligned. This is usually accomplished through braces or comprehensive aligner treatment. We might need to wait for some time to begin this phase to ensure the child has most of their permanent teeth.

Smile treatment for teenagers

Teenagers are at the perfect age for orthodontic treatment, and they have plenty of options to choose from, including:

Metal braces: These redesigned braces are smaller and more comfortable than metal braces of the past, which teens will surely appreciate!

Clear braces: Your teen’s smile treatment will appear less obvious with ceramic braces because the tooth-coloured brackets blend in with their smile.

SureSmile® braces: Patients can achieve their dream smile with robotic technology that minimises treatment time through effective control of tooth movement.

Lingual braces: Behind-the-teeth braces offer complete discretion so your teen can smile their way through treatment.

Gold braces: Gold braces are a suitable teeth straightening option for teenagers who want that extra sparkle when they smile.

 Smile treatment for teenagers

Which treatment option is best for my child?

There’s no straight answer. The best thing you can do is bring your child in for an orthodontic consultation so we can determine which treatment could benefit their smile most.




 Which treatment option is best for my child?
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