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Clear braces

Clear braces can make your treatment more inconspicuous. These braces have discreet ceramic brackets which blend in seamlessly with your smile.

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How do clear braces work?

Clear braces work in the same way as traditional metal braces. A series of brackets, archwires and elastics apply gentle pressure to achieve the desired position of your teeth.

Clear braces have brackets made from transparent ceramic, which provide extra discretion so you can smile throughout your entire treatment.





 How do clear braces work?

What are the benefits of clear braces?

Discreet: If you are concerned about your appearance on the treatment journey, clear braces are a great choice. The ceramic material makes for a less noticeable treatment.

Stain-resistant: Ceramic brackets are resistant to stains, so they will maintain their discretion throughout your treatment.

Flexible:When it comes to clear braces, you have options! Many people prefer to have clear braces on the top of their teeth for cosmetic reasons and metal braces on the bottom.

 What are the benefits of clear braces?

Who are clear braces best for?

Those seeking a traditional yet discreet treatment should find out more about clear braces. However, the first step is to talk with a Specialist Orthodontist to check if this treatment option solves your orthodontic needs.

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 Who are clear braces best for?
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