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SureSmile® braces

Modern technology has made orthodontic treatment more accurate and effective than ever before - and you can see it in the SureSmile® system. SureSmile® controls tooth movement with extreme precision, speeding up your treatment time.

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How does SureSmile® work?

SureSmile® treatment is orthodontic technology at its best. Instead of manually manipulating your archwires at adjustment appointments, Dr Harris can use robotic technology to precisely bend your archwires to meet your unique prescription.

The SureSmile® system features a treatment planning software which Dr Harris uses to visualise the desired result and end position for each tooth. This enables her to design bespoke archwires to move your teeth quickly and with fewer adjustments.

With the help of SureSmile® technology, Dr Harris can offer you an improved treatment experience with reduced treatment times, increased comfort, fewer practice visits and high-quality results.

 How does SureSmile® work?

SureSmile® FAQs

SureSmile® technology may be new to you, so we decided to cover some of the most common questions we get asked by our patients.

What makes SureSmile® different from other braces?

What is the OraScanner?

How much does SureSmile® treatment cost?

Does SureSmile® make treatment less painful?

Is the orthodontist still in control when using SureSmile®?

Still have questions about SureSmile® treatment?

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 Still have questions about SureSmile® treatment?
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