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Emergency care 

It’s very rare for a patient to suffer from an orthodontic emergency, but if you do experience any form of emergency, then we are here for you! 

Believe it or not, there are temporary solutions to most problems and in some cases you can even solve the issue yourself prior to coming in for a visit. 

It’s important to understand the difference between was is normal and what isn’t, so we’ve put together the information below to help you assess and perhaps address any issues you may be having with your orthodontic appliance. 

My mouth is sore! 

When you first begin your orthodontic treatment it’s likely that you may experience some level of discomfort because of the pressure being applied to your teeth.  Remember that this is normal and there’s a chance that your teeth and gums may be tender for up to 3-5 days. 

Try this - Simply rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. 

My appliance is loose! 

If your appliance is loose then it’s likely that it may be causing some discomfort. The pain may be coming from the appliance rubbing against your gums and the site of your mouth. Don’t worry, there’s a way you can manage this! 

Try this – Apply dental wax to the bracket that is causing the discomfort. 

One of the brackets is loose! 

If your bracket seems loose but it’s still attached to the wire then it’s probably best to simply manage the discomfort. 

Try this – Apply dental wax to the bracket that is loose. 

Sometimes, the wire can come out completely and that can cause a level of discomfort. 

Try this – Wrap the bracket with a tissue, before coming in to visit our practice. 

My wire is loose! 

On occasion the wire or wires may become loose. It’s always best to visit your orthodontist if this does occur but you can definitely manage this until you’re able to come in and see us! 

Try this - Using tweezers, try to put your wire back into place. If doing this and using wax doesn't help, as a last resort use a small fingernail clipper to clip the wire behind the last tooth to which it is securely fastened. If your discomfort continues, place wax on it. 

My wire is poking into my mouth! 

This is quote a common issue but one that can be addressed by you! 

Try this - Using a pencil eraser, push the poking wire down or place wax on it to alleviate the discomfort.

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