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Orthodontic dictionary 

Orthodontic research can seem so overwhelming and there are many new terms or words that you have to make sense of along the way. Let us help you! Have a look at our dictionary below!


The process of fitting the bands to your teeth.


The metal in braces that holds your archwire in place.


The process of removing the brackets from your teeth.


This small rubber band is hooked between the different parts of your braces to provide the adequate pressure to move your teeth.


The process of creating a model of your teeth. An impression is taken using a soft material that hardens around your teeth when your bite down.


A small rubber band that fits around the bracket and holds the archwire.

Lip bumper

This holds your molars back from your lower jaw to allow more space for the teeth to move.

Mouth guard

An appliance that protects your mouth and teeth from damage during sport.


An orthodontic appliance that’s used post treatment to keep your teeth and jaws in their new position.


Small rubber rings that are used to create space between your teeth prior to treatment.


Springs fit between your brackets, over your archwire and are used to open space between your teeth.


Wax is used for your comfort. It prevents the braces from irritating your lips.


These act as a track to move your teeth into their desired position.

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