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Why Braces

For most people, undergoing braces treatment is all about improving their appearance and ultimately developing self-confidence; while for others the drive to orthodontic treatment is centered on their health and well-being. Regardless of the reasons, everyone would like their treatment to be as comfortable as possible and our aim is for this to happen.

How do braces work? 

Thank you technology!Braces have come a long way in recent history thanks to advances in orthodontic technology. Traditional metal braces are a lot more comfortable and a lot less noticeable.

You have options!Today, metal braces aren’t your only option. Orthodontic appliances can be made of metal, ceramic or even plastic. 

But how do they move you teeth?Braces place constant, gentle force on your teeth, moving them into their desired position. 

What are the newest options? 

For a faster treatment option

Suresmile, uses robotics to increase the both the speed of treatment and the accuracy. 


For an option that’s almost invisible!

Invisalign is a great option for people who are concerned that braces will affect their appearance.


What does orthodontic treatment involve? 

There are three phases that ensure the completion of orthodontic treatment. 

Stage 1 – The planning phase 

The planning phase consists of collecting the relevant records needed to plan the orthodontic journey toward your perfect smile. 

During this stage, the orthodontist will do the following: 

  • Assess your medical and dental history
  • Take impressions or cans or your teeth
  • Generate photos of your head, face and neck
  • Take x-rays
  • Work with you to outline the best treatment options 

Stage 2 – The active phase

The active phase refers to when you are in treatment. This phase involves visiting your orthodontist regularly to ensure your treatment is on track. 

Stage 3 – The retention phase

The retention phase is all about ensuring your teeth and jaws stay in their new position for life! During this stage you will be given retainers that will aim to stabilize the positioning. 

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